Services at Le Nails Spa - Nail Salon in Vacaville CA 95688

Le Nails Spa - Nail Salon in Vacaville CA 95688

Package Deal

Teen Facial + Express Pedicure + Gel Manicure
ONLY $120
Deluxe Pedicure + Eyelash Extension + Eyebrow Wax
ONLY $160
Anti-Aging Facial + Volcanol Pedi + Dipping Powder
ONLY $200


Regular French / French Gel
$25 / $45
Deluxe Manicure / Gel
$30 / $45
Ultimated Manicure / Gel
$35 / $50
Lavender Manicure Special / Gel
$40 / $55
VOESH Special Manicure / Gel
$50 / $65

Vegan, paraben, cruelty-free. Enjoy fully detoxify & hydrate your skin with ten different scent, exfoliate your skin with sugar scrub, follow with hydration mask with paraffin wrap or collagen glove, enjoy with 10 min massage neck, shoulder & arm, polish. Complimentary a glass of wine.

Jelly Manicure / Gel
$60 / $75

Soak your hand with a bath filled with blossom jelly & fresh rose petal. Exfoliate with blossom sugar scrub, follow by refresh hydration mask paraffin or collagen glove wraps. Relax to 15 min massage shoulder & arm, polish. Complimentary a glass of wine.

Orange Manicure / Gel
$60 / $75

Exfoliate with organic sugar scrub, fresh rose petals, followed by hydration mask and paraffin wraps, Unmind to 15 min massage for shoulder, arms & hand, polish. Complimentary a glass of wine.

VOESH Glimmer Special Manicure / Gel
$60 / $75

The Ultimate relaxation begin with a golden sea salt soak. Exfoliate with hydrate your skin with soothing & calming golden mud GoLive-inspried sugar scrub, mask, refinish of vanilla bean, paraffin & warm towel wrap, hot stone massage, cool it off with golden cooling gel massage from knee to toes. Relax to an additional Voesh vegan formula massage butter. This ultimate will recital-zed your skin feeling refreshed and shimmering skin. 15 Min Complimentary a glass of wine. massage neck, shoulder & arms.

Dip Nails
$50 +

Dipping powder has no odor, mo liquid, no primer and no UV light, last up to 2 weeks and help your nail grow out stranger and healthier.


Honey Scrub Pedicure

This is an extended version of our classic pedicure with a honey scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin.

Deluxe Pedicure

Starting with the deluxe pedicure scrub therapy and choice orange mask to rejuvenate youthful skin, with hot stone massage treatment and hot towel wrap and choice color.




Pamper yourself! Submerge your tired body onto the soft leather of the best Human-touch massage chair in the world! Let the relaxation experience begin as we groom your cuticle and nails to perfection with a special callous treatment gel that leave your feet feeling rejuvenated with Hot Paraffin Wax and Hot Stone

Choose your NaturalSpa Pedicure Flavor.

• Blush Honey Blossom • Rose

• Fresh Cucumber • Rich Milk

• Renew Mint • Sexy Angel


The Volcano Crystals pedicure is the complete STRESS RELIEF package. This pedicure includes: a special callous treatment, the therapeutic mineral salts of the sea salt glow that exfoliate the skin, amarine masque designed to leave your feet soft & moisturized, a reflex foot massage, Also contains CBD, which can relieve some of the aches and pains residing in your feet and ankles and HOT PARAFFIN WAX. End it all with enamel of your choice, comes in a full range of colors to suit every mood and season.



While sipping sparkling wine, enjoy this luxurious champagne treatment and for a few moments your life becomes a bed of roses. Your tired and trampled feet are revitalized by thousands of tiny bubbles in a splendid champagne-and-milk fizz accented with the scent of a rose bouquet. Finally, a mixture of rose petals and healing herbs are gently rubbed into the skin leaving it smooth and hot parallin wax, hot stone. Aahh... la vie en rose!


An infusion of citrus bath salts and oils with freshly sliced lemons and limes create the ultimate zing experience. The crystalline citric scrub reawakens the skin and reduces the visual sign of aging. Lemon wedges are gently rubbed onto yellow and dried-out toenails to help restore that white clean healthy look. The essential oils regulate and control fluid accumulation, while the lemon juice presents a cooling, astringent action This treatment is also said to promote healthy sleep, owing to its relaxing action on the foot nerves and hot parallin wax, hot stone.


One of our most moisturizing pedicures. Deep dermal transforming mask goes on creamy and milky to penetrate the epidermis into the dermal layer. Mask is infused with comfrey root extract to promote skin cell regeneration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Finish off with hot parallin wax, hot stone treatment that will leave feel silky smooth for days.


Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of lavender and slices of orange. While your skin is buffed with a lavender sea salt scrub, your neck is caressed with a warm herbal wrap. To soften and plump your skin, delight in a lavender hydrating mask enhanced with steaming towels and hot paraffin wax, hot stone.

Just say ahhhhhhhh!


Bathe your tired feet in a luxurious milky foot bath filled with orange slices and sweet orange essential oils. A super fine piña colada and orange scrub awaits you next. No dreamsicle treat would be complete without a triple treat moisturizing treatment. It will detoxify, exfoliate, and restore moisture to your feet and hot parallin wax, hot stone.


The crystal delight will have your feet tingling while your mouth is mingling. The aromas of fresh mints and peppermint essential oils will wake up your senses. Our minty scrub preps your tootsies for the invigorating cooling treatment from the creamy mint mask. A delicious hot parallin wax, hot stone treatment and massage will start off your weekend Miami mood.



Need a drink for your hands and feet? Sit back and relax with a glass of wine while your feet are pampered in a sea of cabernet, grapeseed oil, angel wings and fresh grapes. Ready, set...STOMP! The fruit acids will dissolve unwanted dead skin cells while the antioxidants and vitamins fight off free radicals. Your legs will enjoy a lavish grapeseed scrub, followed by a rub down of crushed grapes. Top off this vino delight with hot parallin wax, hot stone dip combined with grapeseed oil. SALUDE!!!


An essential oil of Ylang Ylang with fresh juicy slices of lemon and orange goes a long way in relieving swelling. Then, to aid circulation and give you an energy boost, a cooling orange ice mask and a warm towel wrap work their magic. A little blissful smoothing followed by an orange cooling gel clears your senses and renews your spirit and hot parallin wax, hot stone.


Need a getaway? Let this exclusive pedicure transport you to the islands! Begin the tropical retreat experience that utilizes the healing properties of the sea to hydrate and condition the feet. Start with a luxurious, exfoliating treatment with our house blended Sea Salt Scrub. Next, legs are wrapped in a stimulating Dead Sea mud masque to detoxify, minimize cellulite conditions, and stimulate circulation. The finest skin-softening experience using our hot parallin wax, hot stone provides an intense moisturizing experience followed by a blissful, therapeutic massage to help ease stress throughout your entire body.


This is one of our most popular pedicures. Crusty heels and silk sheets is not the perfect combo for a princess or a diva. Intensive callus refining treatment is our main focus. So relax with a cool cucumber slough and Isle Soak that softens rough areas at the heels and balls of your feet. Finally, a birch and mint softening lotion with a white blossom hot parallin wax, hot stone dip leaves your feet ready for those silk sheets. Sweet dreams!


Take an hour long journey back to the ancient times of the Far East, the land of herbal remedies, and experience absolute nirvana for your feet. The aromas of this foot bath will open your sinuses and clear your head for total pampering. Our crystal gel treatment, which contains seven potent Chinese herbs, helps increase blood circulation while protecting and restoring moisture and adding vitamins back into your feet. The green tea soumé mask is full of antioxidants that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple and hot parallin wax, hot stone.


For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into an aromatherapeutic bath rich with tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil and vitamin E - all anti-inflammatory. Then enjoy an ultimate scrub of mineral sea salt that polishes the skin. Stirring the senses, hot towels envelope a sea masque containing hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays, and soothing botanicals with peppermint. An intensive heel smoothing treatment with a cucumber cream soothes and refreshes like a gentle breeze keeping feet cool and soft for hours. Your hands or feet will indulge in hot parallin wax, hot stone treatment. A sweeeel breeze!

Nails Services

Acrylic Full Set (Regular Color)
$40 & Up
Acrylic Fill In (REGULAR COLOR)
$35 & Up
ACRYLIC Full Set w/ Gel Polish
$50 & Up
ACRYLIC Fill w/ Gel Polish
$40 & Up
Pink & White Full Set
$55 & Up
Pink & White Fill In
$50 & Up
Pink Fill
$40 & Up
Glitter Powders Full Set
Glitter Powders Fill In
No Chip Manicure with Gel Polish
Paraffin Treatment
Dip ( Massage & hot towel)
Ombre FS ( two color)
Ombre Fill ( two color)

Other Services

Take off & Manicure
Regular Polish Change Nails/ Feet
$10 / $15
Gel Polish Nails/ Feet
$20 / $30

Extra Services

French Tip
$5 +
Nails Art
$5 +
Buff & Shine
$8 +
Coffin Shape, Stiletto Shape, Almond Shape
$5 +
$5 +
$5 +
Nails Trim
$5 +

Under 12

Mani/ Pedi Combo
Polish Change Hand/ Feet
$5 / $5 & Up
$15 / $20 & Up

Facial Services

Teen Facial (ANE)

Deep clean, toner, hydrate, mask. Moisturize, Refresh (40 mins).

Seaweed Facial

Thour deep clean, tilting, hydrate, skin dewy + glowing seaweed mask, paraffin wax for hand and feet (60 mins).


Cleanser peeling gel, lifting, hydrate glowing tone, pioneering of positional skin. Rejuvenating cream serum beleza, paraffin wax for hand and feet (60 mins).

Eyelash Extension

Individual Classic Full Set
$120 +
Individual Classic Fill
$70 +
Individual Hybrid Full Set
$120 +
Individual Hybrid Fill
$70 +
Individual Volume Dramatic Full Set
$140 +
Individual Volume Dramatic Fill
$70 +
Mega Volume Full Set
$160 +
Mega Volume Fill
$70 +
Fill over 3 week
$10 extra
Fill over 4 week
$20 extra
Fill Over 5 Week
new set
3 Strands Full Set (No Refill)
Premium Eyelash Perm Lift
Premium Eyebrow Tint with Eyebrow Wax


$12 +
Full Face
Full Arms
Half Arms
$40 +
$35 +
Full Leg
$55 +
Half Leg

Free Drink

Limit 1 per customer.
1. Water
2. Apple Juice
3. Cranberry Juice
4. Mimosa
5. Hot Tea
6. Coffee
7. Mimosa (3% Alcohol)
8. Poinsettia (3% Alcohol)
Must be 21 years old to serve wine, show ID

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Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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